Nausea is the solo project of Los Angeles and Melbourne based multi-instrumentalist and song writer Andrew Dalziell. Nausea create dark pop ballads that combine electronic post-punk with minimalist goth rock and the lyricism of Elizabethan lute song.

Nausea’s debut EP Siren is out now through Magic Monster Records.

Andrew Dalziell is the drummer for Tangrams and Junior Fiction, the Singer Guitarist of Auto da fé, cellist and drummer of Function Ensemble and cellist with Carisa Bianca Mellado. He has produced and performed with Tom Woodward, been the drummer of The Henchmen and Mirrormen, the guitarist in Horsemeat, keyboardist in The Orphanage and The Rostovs, cellist in The Spirits of Dead, percussionist with various orchestras and bands, performed in Baroque operas and Renaissance choirs, is a string arranger, and a sound designer and composer for theatre. He is currently collaborating with New York based performer Darcey Leonard on her dark folk project, Songs for the Spirits.


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